Buddy "L" 1924 Ford "T" coupe


I have a good friend, Dave Pearce, who who has spent most of his life in San Diego. When a family friend went off to WWII, the friend gave this Buddy "L" 1924 Ford "T" coup to a young Dave Pearce play with.
After years of play and years of storage in Dave's garage, the coupe was not in a very presentable condition.


1. I Repaired the bent parts of the car without having to cut and weld any metal.

2. I sand blasted the car and the wheels. The paint on both could not be salvaged.
The Buddy "L" decal under the car was salvaged.

3. I painted the car with three coats of primer and sanded it smooth.

4. I painted the car two coats of gloss black automotive paint.

5. My neighboor, George Brown, painted the spokes of the wheels. He is good at that stuff.

I am very happy with the way the car turned out. See the following pictures.

When I return from vacation, the car will be going on E-Bay.

Last updated 7/1/2007