When the Computer History Museum received the Connecticut 1401 system, the covers for the reader end of the IBM 1402 were missing.



While the machine was fully functional with the missing covers, for safety reasons and aesthetics we decided to find some covers.

We searched the CHM warehouse and all known sources of IBM card reader parts and could not find any of the required parts.



The right hand cover shown above was found in the parts that came with the Connecticut 1401 system.



The lower shelf was fabricated by Stan Paddock with help from Bill Flora, Sam Seibert (San Jose History Museum), Paul Williams (San Jose History Museum) and George Ahearn.



Bill Flora is shown here trying to figure how to get the support brackets into the IBM 1402.



The left hand cover was manufactured by the IBM Almaden research facility with help from Robert Gardner. George Ahearn took some of the parts home to his garage machine shop to fine-tune the fit. George Ahearn is shown here adjusting the bolts so everything aligns correctly. Some unique paint was found locally to give the parts the rough finish that IBM used for the rest of the machine.



This is a picture of the card reader end of the Connecticut IBM 1402 with all of the covers in place.


I would like to thank all of the people involved in the fabrication and assembly of the parts to complete the Connecticut 1402.


Stan Paddock